For Organizations and Leaders


The Certified Counter-Insider Threat Professional (CCITP) Program is designed as a useful tool to allow you to make better human capital decisions and professionalize your workforce.  To take full advantage of the potential of the CCITP Program, organizational leadership should:

  • Participate in future CCITP Governance Council (CCITP GC) forums to help set the strategic direction for the CCITP Program
  • Advocate for the CCITP Program
  • Encourage their Counter-Insider Threat  (C-InT) Workforce to participate and achieve a CCITP certification
  • Designate a Program Manager and Alternate Program Manager and ensure those individuals take required actions on certification applications in a timely manner


Certification Benefits

Benefits of obtaining a CCITP credential:

For Individuals:

  • Fosters understanding of the concepts and principles deemed critical to perform C-InT activities
  • Identifies the individual as a certified C-InT professional regardless of position or employing organization
  • Promotes professional development

For Organizations/Employers:

  • Provides metrics for employee and workforce performance management
  • Provides reliable and valid metrics for employment decision-making (e.g., hiring, promotion, transfer out of a work role)
  • Provides certified C-InT individuals to enhance workforce competency

For the Profession:

  • Provides summary information about workforce strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides valuable information that can be used to integrate workforce initiatives and align supporting capabilities (e.g., training and education) to a common set of skill standards
  • Provides shared understanding by creating common standards to measure C-InT professionals