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The DoD All-Source Analysis (ASA) Professional Certification Program is part of the DoD-wide initiative to professionalize the intelligence workforce.  The development of professional certification programs ensures an integrated, agile intelligence workforce that can meet the department’s needs in a dynamic environment.

The ASA Professional Certification Program not only assesses eligible candidates’ knowledge and performance of All-Source Analysis skills, but also emphasizes continued analytic competence through lifelong learning and practice.  The program plans to have three progressive credentials, each building on the competency and knowledge of the one before.  The first credential available for the DoD ASA workforce is the Certified DoD All-Source Analyst I (CDASA-I).  The CDASA-II and III credentials are currently in production/planning phases and release dates will be updated as that timeframe becomes clearer. 

The CDASA-I certification has been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).   The CDASA-I credential is conferred, by the USD(I&S), on analysts with 2 years of validated ASA experience, that pass the CDASA-I exam, and sign an ethics statement.  After 5 years, analysts must recertify by either retesting or advancing to CDASA-II.

The CDASA-I exam is open to current DoD Civilian and Military (to include Coast Guard) All-Source Analysts only, and who are in good standing with their respective Components.  Exams are offered at no cost through over 23 worldwide testing sites via DIA/JWICS.  All candidates must have an AGILE account on JWICS to participate in the program.  Candidates may enroll in the Curriculum on AGILE (found on JWICS at https://agile.dodiis.ic.gov/ ) by searching for “DIA-INA-CUR-5000”, to register for the CDASA-I program. 

The CDASA Program Management Office (PMO) is the point of contact for administration of the credential.     



Intelink:  https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/diteb/DIA/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx (access requires Common Access Card sign-on via CAC reader; user may need to request access to this page) 

Email: DIA_NEDIAC_Professional_Certification_PMO@dodiis.mil (best)  


JWICS (please log into JWICS to access these links) 

Website: https://intelshare.intelink.ic.gov/sites/dia-training/ADI/adi1/Pages/All-Source.aspx 

Email: DIA_NEDIAC_Professional@coe.ic.gov (best)


The CDASA Candidate Handbook, Program Instructions, and Learning Reference Guide are available as a free download on the JWICS website