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DoD Intelligence and Security certification programs were established in 2009 via DoDI 3115.11, "DoD Intelligence Human Capital Management Operations," in response to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.  Certification programs were intended to optimize intelligence and security capabilities, strengthen functional management and expertise, and assure all levels of government and leadership of the capability and proficiency of the workforce being developed and deployed.  

Nearly ten years later, the Defense Intelligence Security Enterprise (DISE) reports monthly participation metrics for 27 operational certification programs, documenting over 35,000 workforce members (64% of those conferred certifications are civilians, 25% military, and 10% contractors) have been conferred certification through DoD Intelligence and Security certification programs.  The more mature programs also report the number of active certifications, reflecting the extent to which participants maintain their certification by completing program specific re-certification requirements.  While commending this progress, the USD(I) stated in 2018 that as an Enterprise, "we are not where we need to be."1  Implementation guidance accompanied the memo, outlining the goals and utility of a fully implemented certification program across the Enterprise, for Chief Human Capital Officers, Chief Learning Officers, Functional Managers (FM), Components, Supervisors, and certification candidates/participants.  The memo also provided a list of required actions to achieve optimal operation of certification programs.  

As part of this Year of "Certification Implementation," each FM and Component will complete an Annual Report documenting the current status of each Functional certification program, providing metrics about program development, implementation, and integration for their area of responsibility/accountability.  If functional certifications have not successfully implemented all aspects of certification, FMs/Components must submit their Plan of Action and Milestones to ensure that relevant certification programs achieve full operating status.  Full operating status is achieved when relevant DISE billets are indexed with appropriate certifications and certification metrics and documented skill standards are integrated into a wide range of human capital decision making and provide an indicator of personnel/functional area/and Enterprise readiness. 

Instructions and a standard reporting template were developed to provide a structured format to report successes, document a way forward, track lessons learned, ad highlight impediments to attaining full success for each individual certification program, whether they be start-up programs, mature programs, and/or uniquely functioning certification programs.

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