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Intelligence Planner Professional Certification

The Intelligence Planner Certification Program (IP-CP) is part of the DoD-wide initiative to professionalize the intelligence workforce directed by the USD(I). The purpose of the IP-CP is to develop, define, and measure broad-based core competencies for Joint Intelligence Planner (JIP) professionals across the DIE. The primary intent of the IP-CP is to certify Joint Intelligence Planners, but the IP-CP is open to all DoD personnel. The vision of the IP-CP is to develop a workforce of certified JIP professionals and to facilitate both professional development and training by:

  • Instilling a common lexicon of JIP professional related terms and concepts 
  • Promoting interoperability across DoD and among different agencies
  • Enabling Joint Intelligence Planners to apply their tradecraft in a variety of environments across all echelons of operations (strategic, operational, and tactical)

 The Intelligence Planner Certification Program (IP-CP) credential has the following recertification information:

  • Certificants who wish to maintain their IP-CP credential will do so by retaking and passing the exam not later than five years from their official certification date.

 Additional considerations for the Intelligence Planner Certification Program (IP-CP) include:

  • Candidates will need to have the appropriate clearance to take the exam and access the Advanced Global Intelligence Learning Environment (AGILE) Learning Management System on JWICS.

Additional information related to IP-CP credential can be obtained at:


Intelink:  https://intelshare.intelink.gov/sites/diteb/DIA/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/SitePages/Home.aspx (access requires Common Access Card sign-on via CAC reader; user may need to request access to this page) 

Email: DIA_NEDIAC_Professional_Certification_PMO@dodiis.mil (best)  

JWICS (please log into JWICS to access these links):

Website: https://intelshare/intelink.ic.gov/sites/dia-training/ADI/adi1/Pages/Intelligence-Planning.aspx

Email: NEDIAC_JIP_Certification_PMO@coe.ic.gov